​Beware The Sesh! There Could Be A Tequila Shortage

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila…wait, no more? That'sright: the world is facing a tequila shortage. A huge increase in the popularityof the Mexican spirit has led to a worldwide shortage of the main ingredient,agave, and forced a price hike that's threatening the production of the drink. Reportsfrom the Mexican state of Jalisco, where the […]

2014 Barbarescos: Triumphs and Question Marks

The early reports on the 2014 vintage through much of Europe were not optimistic: rain, lots of it. In some places, it lasted through the spring. In parts of Italy, it carried on through much of the growing season. Farmers depend on rain when it comes at the right time and in the right amount […]

Grant Achatz, Science-Minded Chef, Turns to Cloning

Among his other innovations, Grant Achatz is a pioneer in menu typography. At Alinea, in Chicago, courses on his tasting menus used to be printed in a long, snaking column; sweeter dishes drifted out to the right margin and more savory ones swayed left. At the Aviary, the willfully atypical cocktail lounge he founded in […]